Icons and Influencers

See how the Vietnam War impacted the life and career of one of the most charismatic and polarizing cultural figures in recent history.

Spark Learning

Find out what this high school chemistry teacher considers “pseudo-teaching” and learn about his three rules to spark learning and imagination in the classroom.

Teacher-Built Resources

Did you know you can share and search for content created by your peers? To find these resources, click on “Include Teacher-Built Resources” at the top of your search results page. Try it out!

Election Central

Get your students engaged in the political process with timely content, virtual field trips, and special promotions from PBS! Explore Election Central here.

PBS LearningMedia: KNPB Edition

  • KNPB Campus/Ready To Learn

    KNPB offers 45-60 minute workshops for children where a trained facilitator comes to your PreK-3rd grade classroom to do a hands-on lesson.  For more information, contact Karen Karst-Hoskins at karenh@knpb.org or call 775.682.7805.

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