Going Back to School

Prepare for 'back to school season' with this video to get your students prepared and excited for the new school year! Check it out!

The Nitrogen Cycle

Dive into learning about the nitrogen cycle with this interactive game.

The Five Senses

Discover how humans use their 5 senses and what happens if something goes wrong.

The Columbian Exchange

Let your students discover how the Columbian Exchange occured.

Enter Today: 50 for 50

Invite your students to write a letter to the presidential candidates for a chance to win!

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  • KNPB Ready To Learn


    KNPB offers 45-60 minute workshops for children where a trained facilitator comes to your PreK-3rd grade classroom to do a hands-on lesson.  For more information, contact Karen Karst-Hoskins at karenh@knpb.org or call 775.682.7805.

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